Monday, 1 March 2010


It has been over a year since I wrote anything on this blog. In part, this is because of a lack of focus. The original intention was to use it to discuss the things that struck a chord - things that resonated with me - which included my research, food and Rotterdam among other things. However, a year ago, I started a new job where I could no longer discuss my work publicly. Also, we moved house, and were putting a lot of time and effort in to getting that all set up. But now, a year later, when things have settled down a bit, it seems a good time to revive it.

Yet, there is still the question of what to blog about? Any suggestions?


contrarybear said...

Stories about the (not so) new house, movies & tv shows you've enjoyed, new recipes, expat life ... your favorite fonts ... web standards ...

(I haven't blogged in years myself)


Ellen said...

Hi Hayley

I totally get the dilemma, but it's great to see you're back!

Blog subject depends on several things, and they all boil down to who you want your audience to be.

If primarily friends and family, then I think your original premise is still sound - things that resonate with you (except for work!). We all want to hear what's on your mind, what's consuming you, what interests you, what you're reading/watching etc (as Elton said).

The same goes even more so if it's as much for you as us. I find forge and brew is a fabulous way of keeping a record of my life for ME to look over every once in a while! This is probably the main reason I keep it up to date (ish). It's not super personal - there's nothing there I mind anybody reading - but it's a diary nonetheless.

If you want a blog with lots of readers who you don't know, then that's where you have to tap into a specific subject and keep it focused and interesting and updated regularly.

Also, I recommend feeding it into facebook via networked blogs - it's a great way of getting people (friends) to your site!