Sunday, 7 March 2010

Breakfast and brunch

I was asked by a friend the other day if I could recommend a place for breakfast in Rotterdam. This question really stumped me as it is not often that we go out for breakfast/brunch these days. I always had the impression that not many places in Rotterdam do breakfast and I don't hear many people suggesting to meet for breakfast or brunch.

When I consider the other cities in which I have lived, I was spoiled with breakfast/brunch possibilities. Melbourne even has a whole website dedicated to the breakfast spots in different areas of the city. In America, the breakfast options were almost endless, from breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros in New Mexico to all day breakfast at places such as Yours Truly. It was nice to know that every once in a while, I could treat myself to a breakfast out.

So what are the breakfast options in Rotterdam? The Irish pub, O'Shea's, offers an all day Irish breakfast (from 12:00 noon!) and the rumour is that the new Urban Espresso Bar West will also serve an English breakfast. Cappucino, Bagels&Beans, Bagel Bakery and Mockamore serve bagels while Dudok and Picknick have quite extensive breakfast menus, served well into the afternoon. For a Turkish/Mediterranean breakfast, there is Bazar and de Olijventuin. But of all these places, only a few are open before 9am during the week and 10am on the weekend.

As I have the impression that the Dutch are going through a gastronomic revolution, I can't help wonder whether there may also be an increase in breakfast and brunch spots in the near future. Here's hoping...


Peter said...

I almost never (want to) go out to breakfast, but sometimes it would be really useful to know which places are open at 8 a.m. The mere thought of researching that terrifies me.

Marion said...

I love going out for breakfast! Koekela opens at 8.30am, sweet stuff only. Bammetje is open at 7.30am (!) but closed on Mondays.

Ellen said...

Man, are you guys missing out! I can't imagine living in a city where breakfast/brunch isn't a habit. For me, a weekend isn't quite complete if I don't go out for breakfast on at least one of the days.

We really are spolit here in Melbourne. BTW, here's another link for you to check out:

I will check out your link to the Melbourne cafes.