Monday, 28 May 2007

Summer Pudding

Last night, we had some friends over for dinner and I decided to prepare Summer Pudding for dessert. Unfortunately, I don't have this recipe in any of my cookbooks, but found a simple one by James Martin, who hosts Sweet Baby James and Saturday Kitchen on the BBC. Using his recipe for Quick Basil and Summer Fruit Pudding, I made four individual puddings, although I think it could easily be made into one large pudding. During preparation, I had to make some minor adjustments: I ran out of the sauce in which the bread was dipped (I think I used too much for the first few pieces). So I made some extra sauce from the fresh berries I had. Also, we forgot to get the basil, but I don't think it was missed. The recipe says to add enough sugar to taste - the puddings were slightly tart, so I think it needs to be at least a tablespoon in each case. Although the puddings were mostly pink on the outside (the areas that weren't, I covered with the extra sauce), the juices had not soaked completely through. However, the final product was very pretty and still delicious!

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